Forest Management Plans

Save Taxes through aForestry Exemption in the Hudson Valley

A forest exemption in the Hudson Valley in order to save money on taxes requires a management plan that includes:

    Guidelines for a particular property expressing landowner goals
    Description of the property/parcel
    Assessment of forest, delineated into forest types or ‘stands’
    Schedule of events/projects to take place on the property to achieve landowner goals


NYS Forest Tax Law (480-a)

The forest tax law is offered to NY State landowners with 50 or more forested acres. A 20 year commitment can reduce tax assessment by roughly 80% for the enrolled acreage. You read correctly: participation translates to an approximate 80% reduction in land taxes for the county, school and town for the enrolled acres. If you qualify to participate, a Joshua Tree, Inc. forester will work with you to create a tax plan and enroll you in the program. Call us for a free consultation to find out if you qualify and what the extent of your savings will amount to.

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