Timber Harvesting

Hudson Valley Logging and Timber Harvesting

  • What is Logging or Timber Harvesting?

    Timber harvesting is the thinning of carefully selected trees over large swaths of forest. Timber is marked and cut with both your ecological responsibility and financial profit in mind. We design a financial arrangement where YOU ARE PAID for your timber.

  • Why is Logging or Timber Harvesting necessary? Is it bad?

    Of course not. When trees die, whether we cut them or not, they allow light into the forest floor creating available growing space for new growth that provides food and cover for forest life. Sustainable forest management is the most ecologically responsible method of stewarding the land while also meeting societal demands. Not to mention, there is not a single hour of a day or a single room in your home that does not contain a product derived from the forest.

  • Why Log or Harvest my Timber?

    Truthfully, the educated question is why not? Through timber harvesting you can generate capital from the sale of your forest products, simultaneously improving the health of your land by promoting regeneration, opening gaps in the canopy to foster a healthier forest containing different sizes, ages, species and levels of canopy strata. Another benefit is that the harvest process creates system of skid trails that increases your own access to use and see your beautiful land.

  • I’m selling my property and my realtor says timber harvesting leaves a mess. Would a project potentially harm the sale of my property?

    Ever been to a construction site? What does it look like after the project is completed? Same goes for timber harvests. We have many projects in various states of regeneration, and we are happy to take the time to show you the beautiful and successful results of a completed project along with the ages and stages of a project from start to finish. Your satisfaction with the completed project is paramount to our success.
    For example, Joshua Tree, Inc. President Joshua Kowan, a forester for over twenty-two years, is also a licensed real estate salesperson with Houlihan Lawrence for over eighteen years. Often his clients engage him as both forester and realtor for their land, meaning that he manages their timber harvest simultaneously with their sale, and so his fate becomes intertwined with his client’s outcome.
    Always, in all cases, we want to get you the best total result, whether you are a seller looking to increase revenue on your land in a way that enhances the look of the property for better chance of a greater sale, or new owner looking to pay yourself back for your land investment while also enhancing the health of your forest.

  • How does the process work?

    Soon as we make contact with you, we address your goals and concerns for your property. Next, we visit the property once or several times, with or without you, in order to work up a proposal at no cost to you. At our proposal meeting, we discuss the expert representation we provide as your foresters, including the generation and crafting of a timber prospectus for your forest based on your goals as the land owner. The timber prospectus covers the amount, quality, and type of trees to be harvested along with any harvest layout, necessary permitting, and any special concerns pursuant to your specific property. From there, one of our foresters will measure and mark all the timber scheduled for harvest and lay out the forest management project. The timber prospectus is then sent to a select pool of quality forest product companies to see what the market will bear.

  • Do you have any references?

    We are happy to provide references and even happier to encourage you to come see one of our completed projects near your property.

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